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With gas prices and inflation rising it is impossible to keep our prices low remaining in an office; therefore, going virtual keeps your legal needs affordable though Speedy Legal!

Speedy Legal's prices are not going up with inflation! Regardless; we are very competitive in our pricing. 

Speedy Legal can assist with cases throughout California.

Email to

* Proof of income for the past three months.
* If you have exhibits you want to include.

2008 Clients: Your file has been destroyed.
2009 Clients: Your file has been destroyed.
2010 Clients: Your file has been destroyed. 
2011 Clients: Your file has been destroyed.
2012 Clients: Your file has been destroyed.
2013 Clients: Your file has been destroyed

2014 Clients: Your file has been destroyed
2015 Clients: Your file will be destroyed at the end of December 2023. If  you would like to purchase our copies of your file, please contact our office before December 31, 2023.

Quality Control:
What happens after you are in contact with  Speedy Legal:
Your name and phone number will be obtained by our intake person to reserve a client ID number.

Then you will have the option to meet virtually with your LDA (Legal Document Assistant). If you wish to complete your case through email that is an option.
If you do not  receive an email with your signed contract (watermarked) and assigned client number the day after your 
meeting, then please call us and ask for our quality control. You must have a valid client number on a valid invoice from Speedy Legal to be a Speedy Legal client (See example of invoice on this page). 

Our Quality control team may follow up with you to make sure you recieved a call back and/or appointment, a signed contract and a client number.

Please make sure all of your payments for our services are payable to "Speedy Legal" (Excluding Court fees which are made payable to "Superior Court"). Each time you make a payment, you will receive a new invoice reflecting your new balance until paid in full.

Our LDA's cannot accept payments made payable to the LDA's themselves as this would not protect you under our license or bond and would void your contract in its entirety and you may still be liable for payment.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.
You are important to our Speedy Legal family.  

When leaving a message or text, please indicate what you are needing help with, eg: Divorce, change a court order, living trust, bankruptcy, etc. Please also leave your first name, telephone number and your email address. This will help us get you to the person who can assist you faster.

If we do not answer your call right away, we still would like to hear from you, please leave us a voice message or click this paragraph and fill out the form so our Speedy family can get back to you as soon as possible.

We do not answer 800 or blocked numbers. Speedy Legal will be exiting all phone book advertisments and focusing on online advertising only.
If we need to advertise we will contact you, please do not call our offices. Thank you.
Thank you
for your continuing loyalty! 

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